Eddie Brackenridge Park Senior Session

Lately it seems like I’ve faced weather issues when it comes to my sessions! It has always turned out to be okay but we are having to watch the weather up until the time of the session and 2 of those sessions have finished just in time for a downpour. I guess that’s fall in Texas!

I was excited to take Eddie’s senior photo session because he’s been a part of our church since he was a preteen. I’ve enjoyed watching him grow up and become the person he is today! As always, it’s bittersweet to take these senior pictures because I know that means we’re only a few months away from him moving out of our youth group and into the young adult group.

We had a beautiful morning to work with, even with the spontaneous showers we had to wait out in between pictures. It was cool, the park was gorgeous, and Eddie was really relaxed. We spent the morning with his mom walking around the park, finding fun places to shoot and talking. We even had a moment when I realized I was still afraid of heights but thankfully we still found a way to get to the spot I was eyeing! It was something fun to laugh about after the session!


Congrats Eddie, Edward, or Eduardo (whichever you prefer to be called, I’ll still call you Eddie). I pray your future leads you to amazing places.



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