Medrano-Reid: The Pearl Family Session

My brother-in-law’s family came into town and since all of the siblings, spouses, and grandkids were in the same place it was the perfect time to take pictures!

I thought The Pearl Brewery would be a great spot for a large group because there are lots of structures, stairs, and fun scenery. The Pearl is one of my favorite spots in San Antonio so of course I love any reason to go there and photo sessions are a great reason.

The family looked beautiful and while the afternoon turned out to be colder than planned they didn’t let it ruin their session!

A really creative thing the family incorporated was using a picture of one of the grandkids who wasn’t able to be here for the pictures. It was a great idea to make sure he was included in the grandparent picture and one where all of the cousins were together.

Thank you Medrano-Reid for a fun afternoon together, I hope you enjoy your pictures!






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